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I need a FREE solution to recover deleted files!


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via Ask The Admin by Karl L. Gechlik | on 8/11/09

We have used many different retail programs to recover accidentally or maliciously deleted files off of our PC, Digital Camera or Mobile device. We have tried a few free ones and they bring us back to the old saying… You get whatcha pay for! As such we never really covered the topic here on Ata, But we came across a post on TechiePortal reviewing not one but TWO FREE apps that can get your crap precious data back! We tried both of them just like Alfred did and got pretty much the same results. Restoration (the second app) has found a new home on my memory stick! Check out this post and check out their website for more AtA approved geeky goodness!

Glary Undelete is a freeware program that can retrieve data deleted from the recycle bin, files deleted with the Shift key pressed down or those deleted from command prompt. It can also recover files from memory cards of digital cameras. NTFS and FAT files systems are supported and works fine on XP and Vista.

Restoration is a portable recovery software, so you can run it even from a USB stick. At 229KB, I am amazed at how much this software can do. Restoration also does the same functions as Glary Undelete. Even though its so small, it actually managed to find more files that Glary.


Software Glary Undelete Restoration
Files Found 328 files 719 files

How to recover deleted files

Run program, choose location of deleted files and search. Once the files are found, use the restore option to try copying them back. Note that once the space used by a deleted file is overwritten, recovery software cannot retrieve the files. So, if you lost any data, make you you do not use that drive till you manage to restore the files [TechPortal]

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